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Amazing things are being built on our Platform
Some examples of Industrial Apps being built on our Platform. The list keeps growing.
Remote Asset Health Monitoring
  • Track real-time & historical health of Assets
  • Provide all insights remotely
  • Save significant man-hours by avoiding costly and inefficient physical asset inspections
  • Support user-defined alarms for anomalies, real-time alerting when anomalies are detected
Industries | Buildings | Utilities | Data Centers
Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Leverage data monitoring, analytics, recommendation models, and control-based actions for driving Energy Consumption Optimization
  • Help measure real-time operational efficiency of equipment and benchmark it against design parameters
  • Treat deviations for optimization and gains
  • Examples include HVAC energy optimization
Industries | Buildings
Automation & Control
  • Automate key processes
  • Use selective-control logic to bring efficiencies
  • Use remotely-configurable control logic without the need to visit sites
  • Use automation & control for driving optimization
Industries | Buildings | Utilities
Reduce Asset Downtime
  • Predict and prevent asset downtime
  • Drive maintenance in scheduled maintenance windows, drive down failure rate
  • Forecast overload scenarios
  • Track anomalous behavior, use intelligent alerting to raise timely alarms
Industries | Buildings | Utilities | Data Centers
Predictive Maintenance
  • Models to help predict and drive maintenance needs
  • Proactive maintenance instead of reactive maintenance
  • Optimize cost
  • Optimize overall asset lifecycle cost
Industries | Buildings | Utilities | Data Centers
Multi-Facility Integrated Command Center
  • Single window access to insights across multiple facilities
  • Compare and contrast assets across facilities
  • Optimize cross-site consumption

Industries | Buildings | Utilities | Data Centers
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