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RightWatts - Now a member of NASSCOM community!

Very happy to share that RightWatts has been selected by Nasscom 10,000 Startups for the Noida Startup Warehouse! We’re super excited to be part of Nasscom’s journey to create transformational startups.

Thanks Dr. Sunil k Shekhawat, Mr. Abhay Vaish, Mr. Rajnish Kapur for believing in RightWatts’ mission and us.

At RightWatts, we're passionate about creating Efficient Energy Ecosystems. We deliver value to our customers through our condition monitoring, control and decentralized energy solutions. Our founding team brings best of both worlds together: deep domain knowledge in Energy/Power/Electrical domains, along with cutting-edge Tech and IT expertise.

Our commercially available flagship product DeepView is a vendor-agnostic IIoT based Energy Analytics Platform that helps measure & optimize energy consumption, along with eliminating unexpected shutdowns. DeepView helps Commercial and Industry (C&I) customers in driving Energy Efficiency with round the clock energy monitoring & control. Our Platform delivers business-specific actionable insight using Advanced Analytics and Modelling techniques. Our domain-led Predictive Maintenance capabilities ensure high uptime of Industrial processes, ensuring cost and efficiency optimization. DeepView works across equipment and sensor types (energy, temperature, flow, pressure, gas etc), across-vendors (all makes/models), across-protocols, across-sources (Supply, Solar, DG, UPS etc.) making it a truly Holistic Vendor Agnostic Platform.

Know more about us at or drop us a line at

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- RightWatts Team

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