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Every Watt Counts

Every Watt Counts

At RightWatts, we spend our time researching and creating solutions to solve practical problems faced by our customers. One such problem is the rising expense of maintenance and utilities - energy, water, gas, heating.

Most organizations realize the significance of reducing unexpected equipment failure, and optimizing utility expenses. However, many of them struggle to actually implement strategies leading to such optimizations. Many reasons contribute to implementation challenges - varying from old infrastructure to behavioral change management.

Our research suggests

  • Without condition monitoring, most facilities overspend on their equipment-maintenance and energy cost. Unforeseen equipment failures cause production downtime leading to escalated equipment-repair costs as well WIP inventory losses.

  • Factors like diesel theft, un-optimized DG or Solar generation, peak tariff negligence, un-optimal demand response management etc. contribute to high energy costs.

Every Watt Counts is an ongoing series focusing on practical ways to optimize overall maintenance and energy costs in facilities. We bring you the best of our own and industry knowledge to solve real problems, practically.

Stay tuned for engaging topics and ways to make every Watt in your Energy Bill count.


Team RightWatts

To know more on how RightWatts can help you optimize your energy needs, drop us a mail at

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