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IoT can make you Smarter Energy Consumer

Internet of Things (IoT) is at the height of its evolution! It is providing new hopes to companies which are high energy consumers in keeping control of their energy consumption, availability and costs. IoT is even helping various industries in becoming dynamically responsive to energy demands and sudden spikes in electricity.

RightWatts’ DeepView – an IoT enabled Energy Analytics and Predictive Maintenance Product – interacts meaningfully with various electrical devices, gathers data, analyzes collected data and helps in optimizing energy use in a way that wasn’t feasible few years back.

With IoT in place, there is a beginning of more significant transformation to take place. It will help make industries of different segments, dynamic and responsive to energy demand and sudden energy spikes. IoT involves a mechanism to interact with a variety of equipment in industry using a common / consistent set of technologies, thus opening up opportunities for consumption optimization.

If all your equipment efficiently interacts with industry-level standards, then the entire setup can easily optimize energy use in a way that was not feasible in the past.

How to efficiently utilize the power of the IoT?

A Significant opportunity resides during peak usage periods, when electricity is quite expensive, and everyone is using it to the maximum. According to Associate Professor Lucas Davis, at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley –

“For a long time we’ve had these really dumb meters so that customers got charged for total consumption during the month. That’s really crude, because the value of electricity varies massively. If it’s 3 pm on a hot day, the cost of electricity can be four times what it is at 2 am on a Tuesday.”

How do you make the dumb meters smart? That’s where RightWatts steps in and does the magic! Our controllers connect with the dumb meters and intelligently gather data for deep analytics and insights.

In line with changing trends

Large energy consumers, such as factories / malls / commercial buildings run huge energy bills. At RightWatts, we help you effectively monitor and optimize the consumption. Alongside, we help you ensure high uptime of your processes by providing predictive maintenance services via an IoT enabled solution.

To know more on how RightWatts can help you optimize your energy needs, drop us a mail at

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