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Future-ready RightBox Series
Connect to build your own Industrial Apps


The only IoT Controller that:
  • Provides native support for multiple protocols without any external interface


  • Guarantees support for any future open-source protocol (RS485 / TCP) at no extra cost


  • Provides all common industrial interfaces (extendable to connect additional ports, analog/digital input, control signals
  • Managed 100% Over-the-Air (OTA)


OEM Agnostic
Protocol Agnostic
Application Agnostic
Key RightBox Features
RightBox is a modular Industrial IoT Controller that has been designed to support multiple application scenarios. From a simple single-asset monitoring application, to a very complex multi-facility command center with control and automation - RightBox can serve a diverse set of application needs. It has been tested to meet rugged operating conditions for sectors as tough as Oil & Gas.  
Every application built on RightBox benefits from following key features:
  • Modular: choose necessary modules for your monitoring, control or automation application
  • Edge: All Control business logic executed on Edge
  • 100% managed OTA: application specific business logic and protocol configuration managed over-the-air (OTA)
  • Offline data storage: Supports upto 30 days of offline data storage. Suited for remote / low connectivity applications
  • Multiple interfaces to meet every need
    • 2 x RS 485​
    • 1 x RS 232
    • 1 x Ethernet (extendable)
    • Push buttons (user-customizable)
    • USB (user-customizable)
    • RW Bus providing flexibility for module extensions over SPI, I2C
    • Upto 128 AI/AO, DI/DO over RW Bus
  • Multiple protocol support (on a single RightBox)
    • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
    • Profibus (DP)
    • Profinet (TCP)
    • Bacnet (MSTP, TCP)
    • IEC61850
    • DLMS
    • MBUS
    • + more
  • Multiple communication modes support
    • Addition/ removal of any data service provider without changing sim card (esim/ softsim allocation)
    • Data services from two service providers with fallback
    • Fallback between 4G, 3G, GPRS and NB-IoT
Experience Industrial Apps Like Never Before
Schedule demo to see how you can build powerful hardware-to-software Industrial Apps on your own
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