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Imagine if you could build your own Industrial-IoT Products, in few clicks.
Create and commission full hardware-to-software solutions in 3 simple steps.


1. Create Industrial Apps without Coding
  • Build complex Industrial Apps using our No Code Platform. It’s super simple.
  • Configure equipment, and features based on what your Application needs. Few clicks, and you are ready to Publish.
2. Publish to App Store
  • Publish Apps in a single click to our Industrial App Store.
  • Showcase and Market Apps to your customers. Generate Leads.
  • Commission Apps across multiple customers with ease.
3. Deploy & Replicate
  •  Deploy Apps across one or more customers.
  • Configure entire Hardware-to-Software stack 100% remotely. You won’t ever have to physically visit a site for setup, changes or troubleshooting.
  • Leverage the power of RightBox (our Vendor Agnostic Controller), on-Cloud stack our and powerful visualization & analytics.
Experience Industrial Apps Like Never Before
Schedule demo to see how you can build powerful hardware-to-software Industrial Apps on your own
Create Apps
Publish to App Store
Deploy and Replicate
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