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Complete SCADA
IIoT Monitoring & Control

Zero upfront cost  |  Better Security

What we do?
Join us as a Solution Provider and build Industrial Apps for customers like these
Leading companies use Industrial Apps on our Platform
The only Platform that lets you Build, Deploy and Replicate Industrial Apps in few clicks
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Apps being built on our Platform
Apps for
Remote Asset Health Monitoring
Improving Energy Efficiency
Automation & Control
Reducing Asset downtime
Predictive Maintenance
Multi-Facility Integrated Command Center
Improve OEE
Intelligent Alerting
and more ....
What people say
Mr. Dharinder Bansal
Director GoPower Electech
" This is by-far the most System Integrator-friendly Platform we've ever seen "
Mr. Venkat Raju
Advisor and Mentor
" This is attempting to do GE Predix the 'right way' – open, collaborative, and highly likely to succeed "
"It's like Android of Industrial Apps"
We are accelerated by
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Smartest way to build scalable Industrial Apps

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